Batch, Serial and Expiry Tracking

Many products require batch, serial number or expiry date tracking and it is important to have a 3PL Fulfilment partner capable of delivering this tracking. Serial and Batch Number Tracking allows for the recall or tracking of products and is, in many cases, a regulatory requirement. Expiry date management is of course very important in quality management and is a required regulatory standard in many product categories, for example, food, cosmetics, herbal products, medical consumables, medicines and many others.

FEFO and FIFO management
Besides the regulatory and quality benefits there are also two other main benefits to batch and expiry tracking. These are FEFO and FIFO (First-Expiry-First-Out and First-In-First-Out) which can only be properly implemented in an environment where dates are recorded. FEFO and FIFO principles will ensure that oldest stock is sold first and as a result, minimise stock write-offs.

At 3PL Fulfilment we offer comprehensive Batch Number Tracking, Serial Number Tracking and Expiry Date Management. All of these, in any combination, is supported by our warehouse management software and laid out in our processes. 

Requirement Can we do it? How?
Batch Tracking Scanned into the system if it is displayed on a barcode label on the product. If not, captured in the system and bar code labels are then generated. Specific batches can also be allocated to specific orders. 
Serial Tracking Serial numbers are often printed on the outer packaging of a product. These are scanned directly into our system and scanned again when booked out on an order. If not, the system generates a serial number label for scanning upon booking the product out. 
Expiry Tracking Expiry date is captured upon arrival and entered upon booking the product out. The picker will be sent to the bin holding product with the nearest expiry date, unless specifically allocated differently.
Batch and Expiry Tracking This process applies the rules of first expiry and also tracks the batch. Capturing both at receiving, the picker is directed to the correct bin where both are confirmed upon picking.
Batch and Serial Tracking The system guides the picker to the correct batch, entered upon receiving and then forces a specific serial number to be picked.
Serial and Expiry Tracking The system guides the picker to the earliest expiry bin and then forces a specific serial number to be picked.
FEFO (First-Expiry-First-Out) If proper expiry date management is in place then this is a result of the above processes. If not, the system will always guide the picker to the stock with the oldest receiving date. 
FIFO (First-In-First-Out) In the absence of expiry date tacking, the system will dispatch the stock with the oldest expiry date. 



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