E-commerce Fulfilment

From our warehouse in West Sussex, UK, we offer comprehensive solutions for e-commerce fulfilment. With full understanding of how much work it takes to get the click in the buy box in the first place, we strive to take all the headache out of the rest, leaving you to generate more clicks as opposed to packing boxes and dispatching orders. 

Offering a whole range of services, we provide tailored solutions for all types of companies. Ranging from outsourced warehousing to comprehensive internet based integrated fulfilment services, we are perfectly suited as a third-party warehousing and fulfilment partner. 

There are challenges when selling online and especially, as many vendors do, when selling through multiple channels. In our experience, there are key prerequisites to demand from a 3rd party logistics provider:

  • Dock-to-stock lead times. When stock is ordered in, you want it available to sell as soon as possible. Look for decent receiving processes and make sure there is a time limit for the process. 
  • Accurate stock figures. Stock is a valuable asset to any business and knowing it is safe and correctly accounted for is critical. 
  • First-In-First Out (FIFO) or First-Expiry-First-Out (FEFO). You don’t want to get the call at the end of the year saying that all the older stock has been sitting whilst newer of the same has been dispatched. Especially not on a product with limited shelf life. Your provider needs to be able to track and apply FIFO or FEFO. 
  • Integration with all your sales channels. Don’t bother with environments where you have to sit and update your stock-levels every day or hour on all sites, or where you have to download the orders and send them on. Look for full integration between all your sites and the 3PL provider’s system. 
  • Automatic dispatch notification. Once an order is dispatched, you want to have that notification going straight to your site/s. There’s no need to sit and manually update tracking or marking orders as dispatched if your provider has full e-commerce integration with all your sites or sales channels.
  • Additional services. There are times you might want to run special offers with combo packs; add a gift into the box; use special packaging; repack or kit items and assemble or co-pick. All of these requirements should be available and preferably systems driven to ensure it goes right every time. 
  • Continuous Improvement. A provider needs to think about your business and come up with ways to improve the service or the offer to your customers. Offer ways to drive costs down and suggest new opportunities and not just take your money every month. 
  • All order types. Businesses change over time and what could be an e-commerce business today could end up having multiple sales channels in the future. Make sure the provider can deliver to large retail chains or nation-wide to small retailers etc. 

At 3PL Fulfilment, we not only offer these services but we also understand these services so whether you need comprehensive fulfilment and logistics for e-commerce, pick pack and send fulfilment or only warehousing and fulfilment, we will deliver a comprehensive, high quality service. 



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