Kitting Solutions

There are a variety of situations where labelling, re-working and kitting services are required. In some cases, parts are assembled to make up a sellable unit and in other cases products are kitted into a combo pack. There are also a variety of labelling and re-packing solutions required in day-to-day trading. At 3PL Fulfilment we offer all of these services and pride ourselves in delivering it professionally and to a high standard. 

All kitting services are managed through a set of change control documents with assigned responsibilities. This enables us to ensure accuracy and quality control throughout the process.

Labelling services are also supplied and these cover all activities from simple over-labelling to un-boxing and re-labelling. Labelling is often a necessity on products without a bar code or an unreadable bar code but it can also be useful during promotions when a combination pack of different products needs to be assembled. In such cases the kitted promotion pack would then be labelled with a bar code specific to the promotional pack and it can then be listed as a "new" product. 

There are some general guidelines to good use of kitting solutions:

  • Ensure that a clear set of instructions is made available. Instructions allow for accurate process control documents which results in a high quality service and correct outcomes. 
  • Remember to follow good change control practices. Changes to a process previously used, need to be communicated timeously as process control documents need to be updated before the next event.
  • Make sure you have enough bar codes for your business; be it bought or on subscription. This is specifically important when doing combination packs needing a new bar code for every promotion.

Kitting vs. co-picking
Kitting can also be a driven by our software system and is called co-picking. Our software allows for slave products to be added to a master product. This allows for products to be co-picked as opposed to being kitted beforehand, e.g. glasses case co-picked with a pair of glasses. This is a handy option for selling kits on line whilst also having the individual products as stock items. Co-picking rules can be applied to continuous promotions or date range promotions which start and end at specific dates. 

Having tailor-made kitting services and kitting solutions is part of the peace of mind we offer our clients so please get in touch if these services are of interest. 



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