Order Handling

Customer orders are important and often the result of costly customer acquisition programmes. It drives the future income of a business. Handling of orders and the condition in which they arrive at the customers, is an unsaid statement made to a customer. The customer’s experience at time of receiving an order often leaves a lasting impression of the quality and status of the supplying company. Many customers also receive goods from people they have never physically met and the quality of the arriving order and the stock supplied are often the creators of their impression. 

Inbound Customer Order Processing
On our system, customer order handling can be specialised to any of the required levels. Orders are entered manually or through automatic interfaces. When manual orders arrive, they are captured by our trained order capture agents. During the capturing of manual orders, we can:

  • Load it for a future date
  • Allocate specific batch number, serial number or expiry dates per line ordered
  • Insert comments per line
  • Even display the receiving customer’s own product code on the order

Order picking and dispatch is then handled according to the methodology selected during capture. We apply every measure possible to ensure that the customer’s experience is a positive one. During the packing of orders, we ensure that a well presented securely packed parcel leaves the building and our Order Handling team is well trained in secure and accurate packing of orders. These parcels are then distributed though reliable couriers to reach customers of all types across the UK and rest of the EU. 

While utilising our services, our clients enjoy minimal involvement in order handling allowing them instead, to focus on generating more orders. 

Backorder handling
In spite of daily stock reporting and various options to notify of impending stock shortages, some products might be out of stock at time of processing a manual trade order (as opposed to an online order where the inventory is live). Back orders are handled according to the specific set-up against the specific customer and the instruction from the client. If needed, order picking and dispatch could simply be delayed or the order could be cancelled. In both cases, there is a notification process during which the decision could be made such that the customer experience is positive and the effect minimalised.


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