Pallet Storage

At 3PL Fulfilment we also offer pallet storage to clients needing to store bulk or bulkier products. As a standard, we use standard Euro Pallet configuration (80 x 120 cm stacked 140 cm high). 

Below are options when storing pallets: 

  • Pallets could be stored carrying only a single product. This is used when products enter and leave in pallet volumes. This storage type is common when products are batch, expiry or serial number tracked or when pallet-in-pallet-out orders are processed.
  • Multiple products per pallet. Our system has the ability to allocate one or multiple products to a single pallet location. All cases on the pallet are then labelled with a system generated label which, at time of picking from the pallet, ensures the correct product is picked from the pallet.  
  • Overflow pallet storage. By using pallet locations above the fine pick bins, we offer bulk storage which is easily accessible for the replenishment of fine pick bins. These pallet locations don’t hold a physical pallet but rather hold the stock of one pallet. All cases are labelled and used for replenishment into fine pick bins. 

Upon arrival, pallets are checked for content, damages and general quality of stacking. If needed, the pallets are then re-stacked or re-sized, wrapped and bound. This process ensures that stock is kept clean and dust-free and in a manner which absolutely minimises the risk of damage during movement. Pallets are then dispatched after being correctly packed, labelled, wrapped and strapped. 


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